COVID-19 Test Project with NGen and Response Biomedical

COVID-19 test development with Ngen and Response Biomedical

Response Biomedical is excited to be a part of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada’s (NGen) fight against COVID-19 by developing a 15 minute COVID-19 test on the RAMP® platform. The RAMP platform technology is a fluorescent-based lateral-flow immunoassay Point of Care (POC) system with Health Canada clearance, proudly manufactured and developed in Vancouver, BC.

We have developed tests for cardiovascular biomarkers such as: D-dimer, Troponin, Procalcitonin, and NT-proBNP, as well as for infectious diseases such as: influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) for people around the globe. Our goal is to provide a rapid, economical, and accurate COVID-19 diagnostic test for use in point-of-care settings near patients or in your community.

With the support of NGen, we aim to develop and manufacture, at large scale, a RAMP point-of-care test that detects SARS-CoV-2 in 15 minutes or less in patients presenting with symptoms of COVID-19.

Read more about the NGen project and other great Canadian manufacturers taking on the fight against COVID-19 below.


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covid-19 antibody test serology

COVID-19 Antibody Test Development

Response Biomedical Corp. is proud to be part of Canada’s fight against COVID-19 by developing a COVID-19 Antibody (Serology) test on the RAMP® platform. The

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