Ramp 200

RAMP Quantitative
Testing Platform

RAMP is the only rapid, quantitative, self-calibrating platform in acute care.
Experience faster results and less stress with the RAMP 200 and RAMP reader.

Step 1

Prepare and Add Sample

Step 2

Insert Cartridge

Step 3

Read Results

Discover easy.

The RAMP 200 takes the complexity out of Acute Care Diagnostic testing while still giving you lab-quality results in minutes. This innovative multi-port, desktop reader is plug and play and can be customized to fit your testing needs with the flexibility of testing 2, 4, or up to 6 tests in parallel. With RAMP, there is no calibration, no maintenance and no downtime. Why stress if you don’t have to? 

Ramp 200

Experience simplicity.

The RAMP Reader is our first generation point of care instrument that can be used near the patient, in the lab, or anywhere you need it. It can run up to 100 tests on a fully charged battery, even while in motion. Easy to use and simple to operate, the RAMP reader provides reliable quantitative results in minutes, anywhere, anytime.

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