RAMP Reader, portable whole blood analyzer, battery powered
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The RAMP Reader re-defines “reliable” taking acute care diagnostic testing out of the lab and into the ER, patient’s bedside or wherever testing is needed. It’s lightweight and can perform up to 100 tests on a single charge. Self-calibrating so that you don’t waste time, just turn it on and you’re ready to test.

RAMP Reader, portable whole blood analyzer, battery powered
  • Provides central lab quality results within minutes.
  • Helps eliminate retests and result uncertainty
  • Robust acute care diagnostic system not impacted by movement
  • Automatic quality control features built in (IQC and LQC)
  • Up and running 24/7 so you are never down
  • The same high quality results of the RAMP200 in a lower volume option
  • World class service and support
  • Helps reduce turn around time (TAT)
  • Helps eliminate retests
  • Easy to use
  • Self-calibrating
  • No maintenance, no service contracts
  • Up to 12-18 months shelf-life for reagents
  • High security – operator lockout, multiple access levels
  • Helps reduce total cost of care

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