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The RAMP platform is a global leader in diagnostic testing solutions. Lab-quality results in minutes that medical teams can trust.


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RAMP tests help reduce overall costs through shorter turn-around times, fewer retests, and freeing up your team’s time. RAMP systems are easy to use, self-calibrating, and do not require maintenance or service contracts.

We work tirelessly to ensure patients receive diagnostic results with speed, precision and accuracy so their medical teams can confidently make informed patient management decisions accurately and quickly.


Acute Care Diagnostics

acute care diagnostics testing
Step 1
Take the complexity out of Acute Care Testing
Diagnostic testing solutions for acute care
Step 2
Run up to 6 tests
in parallel
Medical diagnostic testing systems for acute care
Step 3
Lab-quality results
in minutes
RAMP D-dimer test

D-dimer is a valuable diagnostic marker that provides a fast and cost-effective way to help rule-out venous thromboembolism.

RAMP Procalcitonin test
Procalcitonin is a biomarker elevated in the blood of patients suffering from bacterial sepsis. RAMP Procalcitonin provides doctors the results they need in 15 minutes.
RAMP200 system

Lab-quality results in minutes. This innovative multi-port, benchtop reader is plug-and-play and can be customized to fit your testing needs.

RAMP NT-proBNP test
NT-proBNP aids in the diagnosis and prognosis of heart failure, and provides diagnostic accuracy comparable to the Roche Elecsys proBNP.
RAMP Troponin I test

Troponin I aids in the rapid triage and accurate diagnosis of patients experiencing chest pain and other symptoms of Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) symptoms.

RAMP Total β-hCG test

β-hCG gives healthcare providers the ability to make treatment decisions based on pregnancy status immediately from a blood sample. 


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