Partnership Opportunities with Response

Mission Statement

Response’s mission is to be an excellent supplier of rapid diagnostic tests that enable our partners to be leaders in their markets. Response’s partners and their customers choose our immunodiagnostic products because our core technology platform provides superior performance in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and speed.

Maximize Market Opportunities via a Collaborative Relationship with Shared Commitments

Response is committed to:

  • Advancing medical diagnostics globally and therefore, contributing to improved patient healthcare, in the fields of Cardiovascular and Infectious Disease
  • Enhancing rapid, biological and environmental field detection tests to satisfy immediate on-site screening needs and therefore, ensure public safety
  • Understanding the genuine value, unique needs and business opportunities of every mutually beneficial partnership
  • Supporting long-term, collaborative relationships with shared perspectives and a mutual desire to drive company growth
  • Providing timely internal scientific and business expertise to ensure optimal business success for Response’s partners

Why a Partnership with Response?

  • Response is a world class company with an extensive global distribution network
  • Response's products are driven by rigorous quality control and the highest standards in the industry; thus providing Distributors with the confidence and trust to stand behind Response's products
  • Distributors receive exceptional customer service from Response’s dedicated Customer Support team
  • Response provides extensive Distributor support via in-person and online training modules as well as marketing support
  • Response provides outstanding support for product registrations, regulatory and tender submissions
  • 24 Hour Technical Support Hotline ensures all questions are answered in a timely manner
  • Response will offer beneficial partnerships and assistance in mapping out Distributor specific strategic business plans
  • Response is poised for significant growth under the direction of a new and experienced Senior Management team

Distributor Testimonials

"Response is one of the best IVD device suppliers we have ever met in the market. They not only have a fantastic RAMP® point of care testing portfolio but also provide great support to distributors in terms of promotion and after-sale service. Response respects and cares about the distribution partnership, which is a driver of sales growth and provides confidence to compete in the field." – China

"The RAMP® NT-proBNP test is absolutely the flagship product among point of care testing in the Chinese market. We love the product since it always delivers good performance by offering accurate and fast diagnosis assistance to our physician customers!" – China

"For more than 20 years covering the Middle East region, we have worked with several international suppliers from all over the world like Japan, Germany, U.S. and others. We are proud to say that Response Biomedical is at the top of our list. They are professional, understanding and know their product very well. Their product is top quality and their customer service is highly efficient. For the last two years that we have been distributing Response Biomedical products, our customers have been satisfied and the feedback is promising. We highly recommend Response Biomedical Products." – Middle East

"We have been a distributor for Response for over 8 years. We can honestly say that the Response Team demonstrates a level of commitment and dedication to their customers that is second to none. We have found that no matter the situation, you can count on the Response Team to be there to support you. Response delivers a top of the line product that you know is backed by their excellent customer service and support. It is a true pleasure to work with and represent their products." – U.S.A.

"As a manufacturer that supports a UK distributor, Response's engagement and commitment has been exemplary and of the highest quality that we can recall in the nearly 30 years of responding to UK tenders.” – United Kingdom

Partnership Opportunities with Response

Take advantage of an exciting partnership opportunity with Response and achieve business objectives through a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship. Contact Response today to learn more about Response’s partnership opportunities! Every opportunity is screened and evaluated to determine the best strategic fit for both parties.