• Exclusive Designation: The RAMP® Reader is the first, rapid handheld anthrax detection system to meet the performance standards introduced by AOAC INTERNATIONAL.1,2
  • Portable system provides rapid results in less than 15 minutes; no external timer required
  • Easy-to-interpret, qualitative positive or negative result
  • Simple to use with minimal training; free on-site training available (North America only)
  • No calibration or maintenance required
  • Sample Medium: powder and/or liquids
  • A calibrated transfer device is provided with every kit
  • Detection Sensitivities: Anthrax 4 ng (4,000 spores); Bot Tox 5 ng; Ricin 10 ng; Pox 3.6 ng
  • Detects anthrax at the 4,000 spore level with no false positives, as confirmed by the U.S. Army, Edgewood Center3
  • Free RAMP® Reader replacement on confirmation of positive test results from an accredited laboratory
  • 24 Hour Technical Support available
  • Replacement Test Kit Options available

1 Initiative Yields Effective Methods for Anthrax Detection; RAMP and MIDI, Inc., Methods Approved; Inside Laboratory Management, AOAC International (2004)
2 Certificate of Performance TestedSM Status, AOAC Research Institute, RAMP® Anthrax Test Cartridge, 2013
3 Evaluation of a Rapid Immunoassay System for the Detection of Bacillus anthracis Spores; Heroux, K. and Anderson, P.; U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Biodefense Starter System


1 Waterproof Carrying Case
1 RAMP® Reader
1 Universal Power Supply
1 Operator's Manual
1 Quick Start Card
1 Printer and Cable
4 RAMP® Test Kits: Anthrax, Ricin, Bot Tox and Pox (replacement kits also available)

*Free on-site training in North America (includes a free RAMP® Biodefense Training Test)
*One year warranty with reader purchase; extended warranty available


RAMP® Anthrax
RAMP® Ricin
RAMP® Bot Tox
RAMP® Biodefense Training Test


25 RAMP® test cartridges
25 RAMP® test tips (pouched with cartridges)
25 RAMP® sample buffer vials
10 Disposable Liquid Sampling Swabs (except for BTT)
25 Disposable Powder Sampling Microbrushes
1 Transfer Device
1 Package Insert
1 Lot Card
1 Permanent Ink Marker


  • All plans provide automatic shipment of test kits at defined intervals
  • Assists in test kit inventory control
  • Significant cost savings on individual test kit costs and free shipping!

Gold Plan*:

  • Plan coverage: 2 years
  • Automatic shipment intervals: 12 & 24 months
  • Free shipping!
  • Extended parts and labor warranty on the RAMP® Reader
  • Savings of $600 +

    *To be purchased in conjunction with a RAMP® Biodefense Starter System

2 Year Replacement Plan:

  • Plan coverage: 2 years
  • Automatic shipment intervals: At purchase & 12 months
  • Free shipping!
  • Savings of $800 +

3 Year Replacement Plan:

  • Plan coverage: 3 years
  • Automatic shipment intervals: At purchase, 12 & 24 months
  • Free shipping!
  • Savings of $1200 +


The RAMP® Biodefense Training Advantage is a guarantee to provide the finest RAMP® Biodefense training to customers. Personal attention to customer’s unique needs guarantees complete satisfaction. Every RAMP® Reader purchased for use in North America includes on-site training performed by Emery & Associates, Inc.

Emery & Associates, Inc.:

  • Experts who regularly handle hazmat incidents
  • Specialists in international emergency response consulting and training
  • Trainers have real-world experience, skills and qualifications that allow them to provide clear action alternatives essential in critical situations
  • Customize training to meet the demanding requirements of both their clients and OSHA standards (since 1983)

Please contact Customer Support (1-888-591-5577 or 1-604-456-6010) to find out the products available for use in the country of interest.