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Parallel testing in minutes

Get test results in just minutes to make faster, better-informed decisions. There’s absolutely no warm up time and you can run 6 independent tests simultaneously, critical when you don’t have time to waste. Its modular design also allows you to add more systems for even more throughout.

RAMP200, portable whole blood analyzer, high through put with a small foot print, running 6 separate samples at the same time
  • Provides central lab quality results within minutes.
  • Helps eliminate retests
  • Lower risk of reader contamination (blood added outside reader)
  • World’s only acute care diagnostic test not impacted by movement
  • Helps reduce TAT
  • Helps eliminate retests
  • Scalable
  • Easy to use
  • Self-calibrating
  • No maintenance, no service contracts
  • Samples refrigerate up to 5 days, 12 month shelf life
  • High security – operator lockout, multiple access levels
  • Helps reduce total cost of care
  • World class service and support

Connectivity & Compliance


Automatic Internal Quality Control

LIS connectivity

Multi-language Capability

Operator/Supervisor Level Security Features



Connects to RAMP 200 via USB. Omni-directional and Hands free barcode scanning for operator and patient sample IDs

RAMP® 200 Printer

The RAMP® 200 printer is a compact portable thermal printer with an “Easy open” paper feature providing a cost-effective solution for our customers

24 Hour Technical Support Available for all RAMP Customers

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