RAMP® Platform1 - Lab Quality Results Within Minutes

The RAMP® Platform, developed by Response Biomedical Corp., is a lateral flow immunoassay platform that provides lab quality results within minutes. The RAMP® Platform can be adapted to accurately measure virtually any immunologically active substance with speed, precision and accuracy.

RAMP® Platform Principle

  • Fluorescent latex/antibody complex detects and binds to the biomarker of interest
  • The sample flows along the strip by capillary action
  • The sample is captured at two zones:
    • Detection Zone: captures fluorescent latex/antibody complex bound to biomarker of interest
    • Control Zone: captures unbound fluorescent latex/antibody complex; is used as an internal calibrator
  • The reader measures fluorescence at both the Detection and Control Zones and determines the test result by calculating the RAMP® Ratio

RAMP® Platform Highlights

Test Highlights:

  • Cartridge barcode defines lot specific calibration
  • The Control Zone in every test cartridge acts as an internal calibrator on a test-by-test basis to minimize environmental variability and sample to sample differences; therefore, ensuring optimal test performance
  • RAMP® buffer formulated to enhance test performance
  • A calibrated transfer device is provided with every kit

Reader Highlights:

  • Quantitative and qualitative results displayed on-screen provide definitive and accurate results
  • Internal Quality Control (IQC) verifies transport mechanism, optical components, power and clock function, calibration and configuration, as well as the status of QC interval timers (if set)
  • No user calibration required!
  • If the reader detects any errors, a clear error message will be displayed on-screen rather than reporting a wrong result
  • Reader rejects used or expired cartridges or insertion of a new cartridge without previous lot card entry
  • Reader calculates RAMP® Ratio to correct for sources of variability
  • Multiple access levels for enhanced security including operator lockout with optional expiration
  • Flexible interface supports network transfer of patient results and QC data to external systems
  • Open connectivity architecture with multiple connectivity partners
  • No maintenance required

1For U.S. customers, the RAMP® 200 must be operated in a laboratory setting when used with the cardiovascular tests.