Product Quality - Driven by Rigorous Quality Control

Healthcare professionals, Biodefense personnel and Environmental specialists require a diagnostic testing solution driven by rigorous quality control and the highest standards to accelerate diagnosis and throughput. Response Biomedical Corp. delivers fast and accurate applications on the RAMP® Platform, with an average time to result of ~15 minutes.

Quality Control Components

The RAMP® Platform incorporates self-diagnostics, control measures and internal quality checks to mitigate the risk of error and ensure the highest quality standards in diagnostic testing.

Internal Quality Control (IQC)

  • An IQC self-test is performed upon reader start-up to verify all system components, ensuring optimal system performance. Results are only displayed after all IQC performance requirements have been successfully met.
  • IQC self-tests can also be run at user-defined, programmable intervals.

Control Zone

  • Every cartridge has a Control Zone that is scanned as part of the test protocol to ensure maximum procedural control.
  • The Control Zone corrects for sources of variability (i.e. membrane variability, environmental conditions and operator technique) to provide an internal validation of the assay.

The RAMP® Ratio

  • The reader calculates a ratio between the fluorescent signal measured at the Detection and Control Zones to correct for any potential test-to-test variations, ensuring results of optimal precision and accuracy.

Lot Card

  • Provides information specific to the test cartridge lot, including lot number, expiration date and standard curve information, to ensure internal calibration. No user calibration required!

Liquid Quality Control (LQC)

  • RAMP® Cardiac Controls contain a low level and high level control for routine external quality control testing.
  • 2 defined Cardiac Control levels are appropriate for each RAMP® test; please refer to the table HERE to determine the RAMP® Cardiac Control levels to be ordered for each RAMP® test.

Calibration Verification (CalVer)

  • RAMP® Specific AUDIT® MicroControlsTM Linearity samples can be purchased through your local distributor and/or directly from the manufacturer. AUDIT® MicroControls™ can be reached at (866) 252-8348.


Please contact Customer Support (1-866-525-7267 or 1-604-219-6119) to find out the products available for use in the country of interest.