• A high throughput, multi-port laboratory reader (18-36 tests/hour with 3 TMs)
  • Modular, expandable and flexible design (expandable up to 3 TMs)
  • Multi-language capability (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Chinese)
  • Enhanced data management and connectivity
  • Self-diagnostic and internal quality control checks
  • No calibration or maintenance required
  • Run multiple tests on the same or different patients simultaneously
  • Bright, easy to read, touchscreen interface for easy menu navigation
  • Multiple access levels for enhanced security including operator lockout with optional expiration
  • USB drive allows for easy software upgrades
  • Internal electronic quality control (IQC) and external liquid QC (LQC) available
  • Stores up to 300 sample, 300 IQC and 300 LQC results
  • Programmable, customizable LQC including lockout functions and an analyte specific range setting
  • Scanner and printer accessories also available for the RAMP® 200


  • The RAMP® 200 uses proprietary software to read pre-programmed lot cards
  • The lot card is inserted into the RAMP® 200 prior to running a new test lot and enables the RAMP® 200 to automatically determine the test that is being run and calibrates the RAMP® 200 on a lot-specific basis. No user calibration required!
    • The RAMP® 200 rejects used or expired cartridges or insertion of a new cartridge without previous lot card entry
  • The test cartridge is prepared, as per the Instructions for Use, and inserted into the RAMP® 200
    • If the RAMP® 200 detects any errors, a clear error message will display on-screen instead of reporting a wrong result
  • The RAMP® 200 calculates the RAMP® Ratio to correct for sources of variability


Control Module = 1 kg; Test Module = 1.5 kg
Control Module: 19.5 cm wide x 17.7 cm deep x 10.5 cm high (7.7" wide x 7.0" deep x 4.1" high)
TM: 19.5 cm wide x 18.5 cm deep x 9.6 cm high (7.7" wide x 7.3" deep x 3.8" high)
Power Requirements
Universal power supply; output power 12 VDC
External Connections
LAN; USB (3 ports); custom DIN connectors for TMs (3 ports)
Touch sensitive video graphics array (VGA) display with full alphanumeric keyboard; options for custom characters and menu displays
Full VGA color

Please contact Customer Support (1-888-591-5577 or 1-604-456-6010) to find out the products available for use in the country of interest.

1For U.S. customers, the RAMP® 200 must be operated in a laboratory setting when used with the cardiovascular tests.