• Use for quick pre-screening needs and effectively manage WNV programs in a timely manner
  • Portable system provides rapid, easy-to-interpret, quantitative results (RAMP® Reader)
  • Multi-port system is ideal for high throughput screening applications (RAMP® 200)
  • No calibration or maintenance required
  • Independent validation by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows reliable detection of low WNV levels in both mosquitoes and corvids¹
  • 24 Hour Technical Support available
  • A calibrated transfer device is provided with every kit

¹ Burkhalter, K.L. et al. Evaluation of Commercial Assays for Detecting West Nile Virus Antigen. J Am Mosquito Contr 2006;22(1):64-69


  • Up to 50 mosquitoes are collected, speciated and mixed with proprietary RAMP® buffer
  • For corvid samples, a throat swab is collected and mixed with proprietary RAMP® buffer
  • A small sample is added to a single-use WNV test cartridge; the cartridge is allowed to dry for 90 minutes and inserted into the portable RAMP® Reader or the multi-port RAMP® 200
  • Quantitative results displayed in less than 1 minute


100 RAMP® WNV test cartridges
100 RAMP® WNV test tips (pouched with cartridges)
2 x 60mL RAMP® sample buffer (bulk)
Copper Coated Ball Bearings
100 2mL Dilution Vials
100 0.5mL Sample Vials
1 Transfer Device
1 Package Insert
1 Lot Card

*Equipment required, but not provided with the test kit: RAMP® Reader or RAMP® 200
*Optional equipment, not provided with the test kit: Accessories

Please contact Customer Support (1-888-591-5577 or 1-604-456-6010) to find out the products available for use in the country of interest.